Meet LudiQs...
That are controlling your life.

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What is a LudiQ?


LudiQs don't get asked verbatim. Everyday people like us bury questions like these in behaviors like raised eyebrows, pouty faces, and insinuations.


LudiQs are ridiculous. Inappropriate, out-of-line. You would never say yes to these questions if they were asked openly.


LudiQs demand an answer. We unknowingly contribute to our own frustration, loss, even demise, by saying yes to questions we don’t know are being asked.

Some examples

What do LudiQs look like in your life?

How to LudiQ

Step 1

Describe the Situation

In a short sentence, describe what is happening.

For Example: The Uber driver that I'm riding with is texting while driving.

Step 2

Flip into a Question

Now take that description and flip it into a question starting with a phrase like "Will you or May I"

Taking our example further: May I text and drive while you're in the car?

Step 3

Add on the Ludicrousness

Add in the ramifications that can occur if you were to say 'yes' to their unspoken ludicrous question.

Adding on the ludicrous to our example: May I risk your life to send my text?

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