Become literate in the most
powerful unspoken language.

Did you know that every day you are asked unspoken ludicrous questions. Did you also know that these same ludicrous questions (Ludi-Q's) alter the course of your life without your permission?

What if you could learn how to spot these Ludi-Q's as they
happen, forging your own path without compromise?


Gaining Clarity.

The first step to clarity is knowing what is really
being asked.

We sometimes say "Yes" to ludicrous questions like, "May I control you?" because the question isn't asked out loud. It is asked with behaviors, gestures, insinuations, and The Big Two - guilt and shame.

Sometimes we say "Yes" because we are afraid to resist or we talk ourselves out of believing the person would actually be asking such a ludicrous thing.

The problem with Ludi-Q's

Ludicrous unspoken questions mess things up for us. They blow up relationships, screw up jobs, and ruin health.

Becoming Ludi-Literate

With practice - ludicrous questions can be spotted instantaneously, just like learning a new language.

The Ludi-Q Contract

Saying yes to unspoken ludicrous questions enters us into an unspoken contract, a hidden agreement.

Ludi-Literacy Tools.

Ludi learn

Ludi-Q's online literacy course and mobile app build skills through interactive scenario based training.

ludi coach

A program developed to certify therapists, mentors, and coaches to teach your clients to be ludi-literate.

ludi consult

Optimize business processes and unstick progress with a custom
Ludi-Q's consulting engagement.


Terri Cole

Psychologist, Coach, Author, Speaker. New York City. Podcast: Hello Freedom.

I love Ludi Q’s! As a therapist and transformation coach I am always looking for succinct and illuminating ways to break through the resistance of my clients on tough issues. I started using Jan Black’s genius Ludi Q’s in my practice and the response was AMAZING!

David Hastings

Strategic Planning and Performance for Speakers, Musicians and Artists. Portland OR.

Ludi-Q's are not only brilliant, they change the way you think. Once you learn to recognize them, they infuse your every conversation. Your relationships become healthier and more authentic.

Elloa Atkinson

UK, Life Coach, Therapist, Speaker, Podcaster.

I love Jan Black's Ludi-Qs and felt their power and the potential they have to support conscious relationships from the moment I saw them. As a life coach and therapist-in-training, I have found the Ludi-Qs to be a great tool for raising emotional literacy. I see them as being incredibly useful in a range of contexts and am excited for the possibilities they open up between people.

Jana Stanfield

Recording Artist, TEDx Speaker and Humanitarian,

Ludi-Q’s are the fastest, most efficient, and most undeniable method for revealing the truth about interpersonal situations that are crazy-making. Once the truth of an interaction is revealed to you through a LudiQ, you won’t stumble into the same frustrating situation again. LudiQ’s provide instant clarity, and once you’ve seen the truth, you can’t un-see it, but you can make healthier choices.

Our goal is to make the world Ludi-Literate.

Jan Black
The Black Brand
Creator of Ludi-Q's
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Ready to begin?

Maybe you are a life coach who would like to start offering Ludi-Q's to your clients...or you are a CEO that knows your team would benefit from more clarity...or maybe you are just ready to start recognizing the unspoken questions in your own life.

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