LudiQs You-Me Deck

Learn how to spot the unspoken ludicrous questions that are wrecking havoc in your personal relationships. The You-Me Deck is our quintessential deck for those who want to immediately reign in the damage LudiQs are causing in your own relationships.

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Introducing the Limited Edition LudiQs You-Me Deck! Packed with 24 of the most common unspoken ludicrous questions that are plaguing your personal relationships. Play the Name that LudiQ game with friends, peers, and partners to see who can name the best unspoken ludicrous questions associated with a scenario. Work through a specific situation with one of the included Clarity Cards where you can jot down the situation, understand what's at stake, and how you're going to resolve the situation in a productive way.

What's in the Box?

24 Situation Cards
5 Clarity Cards
How To Guide
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I love Ludi Qs! As a therapist and transformation coach I am always looking for succinct and illuminating ways to break through the resistance of my clients on tough issues. I started using Jan Black’s genius Ludi Qs in my practice and the response was AMAZING!

Terri Cole

Hello Freedom Podcast

LudiQs are not only brilliant - they change the way you think. Once you learn to recognize them, they infuse your every conversation. Your relationships become healthier and more authentic.

David Hastings

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